Noosa, Queensland, Australia

"It's a hike path which takes around 30 mins and you reach an actual "nude beach" I say just above the nude beach on a rock wall looking into the ocean, where if you keep walking down you reach an endless beach with tones of people sub baking nude!" - Haylee Liggins 

Go : It's amazing relaxing place, along the main strip is filled with shops and restaurants. Everyone is friendly It's a hike up  along a mountain, you walk all the way around till you reach the other side and that's the nude beach, I actually sat on the rock while taking the photo and saw dolphins swimming! 

Stay : For a more posh experience, rent an apartment from On the Beach. There are tons of apartments nearby with beach houses and small various neighborhoods to chose from. If you are traveling with family you may want to try RACV resort or the Noosa Sun Motel which both offer comfortable accommodation and are centrally located to everything.

Eat : And every food shop is to die for! What's best is if you drive 5 minutes towards "Alexandria bay beach" 

Drink : There are plently of lively surf clubs to visit if you are seeking some lively chill lively night life such as the Rolling Rock Night Club. If you are searching for a popular spot to try a great French Martini, try Lauguna Jack’s. Other nighttime spots in the neighborhood worth checking out are House Lodge, Bistro C and Koala Bar.




Mallorca, Spain

"It was a very relaxing day ,when two friends and I started walking through the wood until we go to a small beach in the paradise. We were wrapped by the sea, the sun and the three of us. It was a fresh day, we were under the sun the whole day as we came to the world, naked, what could be better than that? Nature with nature." - Helena Pons Sans

Go : On the island you have a lot of different plans, you can go to the mountain, enjoy an amazing sunset or a sky full of stars, snorkel in the sea and see all the type of fishes, go visit the city..

Stay : The area is full of little hotels and places with charm.

Eat : You can taste and enjoy in every single corner, the typical food of the island. 

Drink : After a dipping in the afternoon, and a dinner, you all can go and take a Pomada, typical cocktail made with our own Mallorca Gin.


Cabo De Palos, Murcia, Spain

"To celebrate Suahuatica's 2000th follower on instagram I managed to convince my girlfriend to go skinny dipping for the first time of her life. Downside : It was winter, and even in Southern Spain that means 13.5 degree celcius waters. Upside : Running around with clothing on a non-nudist beach went unnoticed, since it was empty!. We were lucky to have the water clear as cristal this day, and Maryna held out around 15 minutes. She was shivvering but very proud of her achievement - both the cold water and the skinny dipping!

The area where I shot this photo is Cabo de Palos, in Murcia (Spain). It connects to La Manga beach, a beautiful semi-tropical zone that stretches for many kilometers. In July and August it's packed from edge to edge with locals and (spanish) tourists, but in the other months a wonderful place to go for a swim. Cabo de Palos has a lot to offer, and most of it goes unknown for tourists and even people who live in the region. It's beautiful mid-18th century lighthouse is flanked by many small bays, rocky and beachy at the same time. There you find the real treasures of Southern Spain - tiny pebble beaches are hiding away just out of view, but easy to reach. Crystal clear waters, lots of fish (Cabo de Palos is located on the tip of a natural marine reserve!) and great temperatures from end of April till October. The area can be explored by foot easily, but getting to see all the underwater beauty - from white sandy tropical areas to dark, atlantic looking underwater rock formations and sea grass beds - will take a long time. This can be done snorkling, but also scuba-diving. There are many scuba-schools that are affordable...and best of all, the Cabo de Palos area was nominated as 2014's best diving spot of Europe! And if all this still does not give you enough adventure there is the magnificent Calblanque natural parque 15 minutes away - endless stretches of stunning beaches, rolling mountains and steep sea-side cliffs provide diving, hiking and adventure for everyone (Kayaks and mountainbikes can be rented easily in the area). " - Michael de Kooter

Go : Freediving and snorkeling

Stay : Make sure to check out nearby Cartagena or Murcia for cheap sleeping. From both it's only a 35 minute ride, but a lot cheaper than staying in hotels in Cabo de Palos, unless you're off-season (not June-September basically). Airbnb is as always a great option, and might even land you cheap housing in high-season right next to the beach!

Eat : There are not too many restaurants right near the water by but do try the grilled sardines or pork with Shrimps at La Manga Del Mar Menor in between baths. If you are there on a Sunday there is a large market where you can buy fruit and vegetables as well as clothes, shoes and crafts- just be sure to arrive early as most markets close around 1pm. Other restaurants worth checking out for mediterranean food in the surrounding area are Restaurante Miramar and Restaurante El Mosqui.

Drink : Stop by La Taberna Del Puerto or Yemanja for drinks alongside delicious tapas. Make sure to try the local wine of the region – Campo De Cartagena. Campo De Cartagena is a Spanish geographical indication for Vino De La Tierra wines located in the Southern Mediterranean region of the country. 


Gozalandia Falls, San Sebastián, Puerto Rico

"This was taken during a magical summer trip with close friends. We were staying at my family's home in Rincón. After four days spent between the beach and our front porch, we drove inland for a welcome freshwater adventure. The falls are difficult to find, but fairly well discovered (read: $5 parking). There were two local families with us for the first hour or so – the fall abounded with young children. But as soon as they left and the coast was clear, suits were stripped and we were free to enjoy the falls like we were the only people in the world." - Liana Blum

Wear : Dad sandals -- the hike down is quite steep and slippery. 

Go : Walk upstream to the second waterfall. There's a rope swing up there and powder blue swimming holes along the way. Explore the town of San Sebastián on your way out – there’s wonderful kitschy shops to peruse.

Stay : In Rincón or Isabela. The falls are about an hour away from both -- a perfect day trip. The Siren Inn in Rincón is our favorite – a beautiful slice of paradise on the beach.

Eat : Pastrami sandwiches made with pan de agua. Pick them up at one of the local bakeries. Once back in Rincón, stuff your weary self with mofongo and suspiciously cheap rum cocktails at Red Flamboyan. It's right up the hill from Pools Beach. 

Drink : Straight from the coconuts!


Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, USA

"It was late summer and the weather was getting colder, the days shorter. We had all been cooped up inside all summer and decided it was time to get out.  We got on the boat and saw nobody around.  We went swimming for a while then headed to one of the many dockside restaurants and had a great meal and drinks.  After tanning nude on the boat, we all jumped in and enjoyed the cooling waters of the bay on our skin.  We saw only one other boat that day and they seemed more interested on what they were doing than the skinny dipping happening not far away. It was a great day!" - Bradford Mamalas

Go : Get on a boat just over the far side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on Kent Island in Maryland.  It's only about 20 minutes east of Annapolis.  Head south down the coast and in 10 minutes you'll find yourself alone in the beautiful clear waters of the Chesapeake Bay. Enjoy the day in your own private paradise.

Stay : Annapolis has plenty of places to stay from quaint B&Bs to more luxurious accommodations such as the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel or the Academy Bed and Breakfast.  On Kent Island there are more "mom & pop" vacation rental homes which are suited for large groups of 8-10 people rather than chain locations, although you will also find B&B options near by your local Hilton or Holiday Inn.

Eat : I'd recommend down town Annapolis for some quality night life after spending all day Skinny Dipping on the bay.  Plenty of local flavors.  Try the Oyster Shooters at O'Brien's.

Drink : Annapolis has great drinking options to choose from such as the prohibition chic lounge and restaurant Dry 85, or the Metropolitan Kitchen and Lounge – an American eatery with local cuisine. If you stay around the bay for the evening and have the opportunity to cruise by boat, be sure to try one of the infamous themed dock bars such as the Tiki Barge or watch the sunset at Hemmingway’s restaurant on Kent Island. 


Munds Springs, Sedona, Arizona

"My husband and I were excited to escape the Arizona sun one Sunday this summer and thought the cool temperatures of Oak Creek Canyon and one sacred crystal water spring in particular would be the ultimate getaway. We timed it perfectly to greet the sun peaking down into the canyon just before 1PM. The best part about this spot is that it’s clothing optional and difficult to find. The cold spring waters of Munds awaken you to the core, firing off each respective layer of nerve endings one at a time until your whole being is alive. If there ever was a heaven, it’s Munds in Oak Creek Canyon in July." - Durrant Kellog

Go : Fill up your water bottle up the canyon at Sterling Spring, the highest vibrational spring water you can get next to Mt. Shasta!

Stay : At a creekside cabin along Oak Creek, stargazing from your own personal Jacuzzi

Eat : Grab an ice cold glass of local kombucha on tap and a bite to eat at Indian Gardens

Drink : Stop by Local Juicery for the best smoothies and fresh juices in the West


Boranup Beach, Western Austailia

"Boranup beach, with its white sand and azure water, is the classic Australian postcard. A slow and winding 4X4 track makes its way through the Boranup Karri Forest, along scrub covered dunes and opens up to an empty wonderland of pure white sand and the clearest turquoise waters. It's paradise for fishing, surfing, snorkeling, sun-baking, chilling by campfires, watching sunsets, relaxing and feeling overwhelming bliss.

This trip was a last minute decision to escape and head for the solitude of an empty beach, camping only a stones throw from the crystal waters. We couldn't believe how empty and beautiful the beach was. 

With breakfast eaten, what to do next in a place like this? That's right, strip it all off and make for the ocean! Nothing is more naturally invigorating than skinny dipping in the stunning blue waters of your own private beach." - Daniel Akmens

Go : Head to the Margaret River wine region. If you can make it out of there, keep going towards Karridale. Take a right towards the ocean and find your own way.

Stay : It's all about camping under the stars here.

Eat : If you go for a day-trip, pack an over sized lunch because you'll probably stay longer than you think. If you plan to stay a few days, then bring everything you'll need to cook on a campfire. There isn't anyone selling ice cream

Drink : Anything and everything that will fit in your cooler: beers, wine, cider, juice; all the good stuff that goes well with breakfast. And always bring plenty of water.


Grand Teton National Park

"We were a group of four women riding a 180 mile loop around the Tetons by bicycle. The Snake River lay just below our campsite on our second day of riding. It was our longest day on the trip. We rode for hours on a dirt road that climbed for most of the day and were relieved to take a dip in the river pre dinner. The water was freezing! We didn’t last long. Once the sun went behind the trees, we got out and piled on the warm layers… along with bug nets." - Camrin Dengel

Go : Grand Teton National Park

Stay : Outside under the stars!

Eat : Gourmet backcountry food

Drink : Wyoming Whiskey


Oregon, USA

"We were staying with friends in an old steiner cabin just outside of Rhododendron, Oregon, that sits just off of Still Creek. We slipped away through the old growth forest to Still Creek. The water is fed by glacial runoff from Mount Hood, so it was quite cold this time of year, only allowing for a few shocking moments in the water." - William Imhold

Go : Head east out of Portland to the small Mountain Town. During the summer there are many hiking trails in the area and tons of beautiful forests and wildlife. Winter months this area sees a fair amount of snow and Mount Hood has many ski resorts.  

Stay : There is at least one inn in Rhododendron but I would highly recommend finding a cabin for rent. Sitting on the porch listening to the rainfall through the forest with a cup of coffee is a beautiful way to start the day.

Eat : The town itself is small but offers quite a few dining options. There is a steakhouse and Mexican place as well as some fast food options. I personally recommend heading up the highway a bit to the Skyway Bar and Grill. Their mac and cheese is phenomenal.

Drink : We went for several nice walks while we stayed in the area and found a wonderful coffee cart that is set up year round in the parking lot of Mt. Hood Foods. 


Nas Beach, Ikara Island, Greece

"Nas is a small, pretty, and sandy beach. Its name is taken from the river Nas that ends at the beach. My friends, a couple, and I came here on vacation to swim. Last winter, because of bad weather, the river overflowed and dragged some rocks and big trees into the sea. Because of this, the bottom of the sea was very interesting to look at and capture in photos. We knew that this was a nudist beach, but funnily enough we were the only ones there naked! Some of the people started to look at us like we were the strange ones. So we ran to the sea, feeling free and protected inside the warm and inviting water. " - Peggy Zouti

Go : The island of Ikaria is well known for the traditional local festivals (called Panigiri), which are organized every two or three days during the summer period, from May to October. The summer in particular attracts a lot of back packers and campers that are there to attend the festivals.

Stay : If you are a free camper, you can stay along the river Nas or if you prefer more confortable accommodation you can stay in one of the local beach hotels nearby such as the Villa Armenisti on Nas Beach Road, The Erofili Beach Hotel, The Cavos Bay Hotel, or The Ikaros Star Hotel.

Eat : Visitors can taste traditional Greek products, such as feta, tzatziki, and the local specialties, roasted lamb and fresh fish. 

Drink : It is also worth trying the local red wine, which is produced in several places in Ikaria and has a heavy taste. 


Whistler, British Colombia, Canada

"This was taken in Whistler when it was -3 degrees Celsius at the end of November. We were up there for a birthday and, after a couple sips of whisky, someone mentioned the idea to go skinny dipping. We all rushed down to the lake, but when the group saw ice formed at the edges of the lake, only three of us were willing to go through with it! My dog actually walked out on the thin ice when no one was looking and almost fell in - luckily he's still with us. " - Kai Jacobson

Go : Whistler is a world class ski and mountain biking resort town. Be sure to go spend the day skiing or snowboarding on Whistler Mountain in the winter, or hiking and mountain biking in the summer/fall. Then relax in the evening, shed your layers, and go for a dip in one of the many lakes!

Stay : Rent a cabin on the mountain with a group of friends! 

Eat : At the Longhorn Saloon – you can literally ride into the restaurant and enjoy a warm meal and ice-cold beverage.

Drink : Whiskey

(Nevada Fall, Yosemite National Park, CA, USA)

January 2016

"I deeply enjoy nature because I can express myself and be myself without any judgments. I am a part of nature and a part of the universe, and one day I am going to return to it. When I reveal more, I have less to hide. When I have less to hide, I have less to worry about. That is the concept behind my picture. In astrology, I am a water sign, Pisces; I see water, and I blend in right away. Jumping toward Nevada Fall, a 594-foot high waterfall in Yosemite National Park, with wide-open arms is like asking for a permission to get a hug and be part of it. I kept my scarf on to show my identity because I was born in Lebanon. I love to free my mind, body, and soul from the worries that might come my way. "

-Ricardo Hurtado

Go : Take The Mist Trail – Yosemite’s signature hike - at Yosemite National Park 7 miles to Nevada Fall. Add another 1.5 miles if you walk from Curry Village instead of taking a shuttle to the trailhead. 

Stay : Find a good campsite and don’t forget your hammock because you de nitely don’t want to miss the incredible view of a sky full of stars. 

Eat : Keep lots of snacks and dry fruits in your bag, along with meals you can make on a camp re. 

Drink : Stay natural – drink water!