(Lake Titicaca, on the border of Peru & Bolivia)

WIll Field plunging into the sacred Andean waters of Lake Titcaca.

WIll Field plunging into the sacred Andean waters of Lake Titcaca.

"I am taking a dip in the frigid mountain waters of Lago Titicaca. Few places are as neglected by the gradual tide of time's passage as this sacred lake in the Andean highlands. I spent the day exploring the stone ruins on the Isla del Sol, where families till the earth using methods older than time. According to Andean religion, the island is the dwelling place of the God of the Sun and the cradle of human civilization. I couldn't think of a better was to cool off from a hike through the terraces and stone houses than a swim wearing nothing by my sweat and dirt coated skin. I bobbed in the water to keep warm as the peaks of the Andes jutted into the horizon.

- Will Field

Go: Take a boat ride to the Isla del Sol, admire the ancient ruins and explore the terraces and cart paths that crisscross the island. Afterwards relax in the town of Copacabana. Check out the old mission that sits on a bluff overlooking the water.

Stay: Book a cottage at the Ecolodge La Estancia on Isla del Sol. The cottages sit atop pre-Incan terraces facing north, lending to a sweeping view of Lake Titicaca.

Eat: There are numerous bars and eateries in the Bolivian town of Copacabana. Stick to dishes that feature fresh fish  from the lake.

Drink: Try a few samples of Taquiña or Paceña, the Bolivian national beer.