(Miller Beach, Gary, IN, USA)

Dan Rybicky captures a photo finish of the race to the horizon in Gary, IN.

Dan Rybicky captures a photo finish of the race to the horizon in Gary, IN.

"It was the end of October but we were experiencing a glorious last gasp of summer warmth. We arrived at the lakeshore during that magic hour of dusk. No one was around, and the water was still surprisingly temperate. We had to take advantage of this precious moment, so my friends spontaneously shucked their clothes and ran wildly and happily out into the lake. I grabbed my little PowerShot and snapped this picture, capturing that bittersweet moment of the last skinny dip of the summer before winter sets in."

-Dan Rybicky

Go:  Miller Beach is the one place on Gary’s lakefront with a beautiful and extensive stretch of dunes and shoreline. Wander through Marquette Park, a recently renovated landmark designed in the 1920’s.

Stay:  Although there are no hotels or motels right near Miller Beach, there are many camping areas in the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Park in Chesterton. Make sure to reserve ahead of time – the campsites fill up fast!

Eat:  Stop by Marquette Perk (a sweet little place located right near the beach) for a fresh muffin and cup of coffee before your morning dip.

Drink:  Check out Miller Beach Market Place, which provides healthy and sustainable products, including a great selection of craft beers and fine wines. For a Chicago favorite, try Goose Island’s 312 Urban Wheat Ale.