(Rottnest Island, Perth, Australia)

A model finds a sunlit halo underwater in Perth. Shot by Kozyndan

A model finds a sunlit halo underwater in Perth. Shot by Kozyndan

"We came to Perth for the opening of our art exhibition we were having at a Outré Gallery. We stayed with an amazing couple in Fremantle – perhaps the coolest old people in all of Perth. They suggested we go visit Rottnest Island while we were staying since they knew we liked the ocean and diving. Our longtime fan and friend, Panda, volunteered to take us. We met up with her one morning, went to the ferry in Fremantle and made our way over to Rottnest Island. We opted to just walk around the island and see what we found.  We ended up walking quite far – several miles away from the port. We found a tiny beach and laid out.  Panda and I decided to go for a swim while Kozy stayed on the beach weaving dried sea grass. Since no one was around, it didn’t seem like a bad idea to ditch our bathers (Aussie for swim suits) while snorkeling.  The water wasn’t terribly warm, or terribly clear for Rottnest, but experiencing that freedom was what Panda and I were after. It was a good day."


Go:  The Fremantle Art Centre is rad. They host regular art classes and great exhibitions of local artists.

Stay:  Hideaway at the Hidden Treasure cottage in Fremantle, Australia found on AirBnb. You’ll feel right at home as you discover Fremantle and Perth. 

Eat:  Order the oysters, fresh baked bread, and dessert at Bread in Common. Later, try the vegan nachos, Pad Thai, and fresh smoothies The Raw Food Kitchen.

Drink:  Have a drink in Mrs. Brown, a small local bar in North Fremantle, for some seriously good wine.