(Secret River Pass in Bains Kloof, between Wellington and Ceres, South Africa)

Just above the surface in "Slide Rock," South Africa. Shot by Caroline Mackintosh.

Just above the surface in "Slide Rock," South Africa. Shot by Caroline Mackintosh.


"This photographic series, called Thigh Deep, evolved out of my best girl friends and I taking day trips to our favourite river spots, skinny dipping and taking pictures. We like to call this spot Slide Rock. It’s a pretty literal name – you can slide all the way down this giant rock face into a deep river pool. It's such a secluded place so we don't have to worry about anyone stumbling upon us. This particular photo was taken in the beginning of winter.  Under normal circumstances we probably wouldn't have swam but we had driven all this way and I knew it was our last time we could before next summer. So with snowcapped mountains we quickly all undressed and hopped into the water, I don't think I have ever been that freezing. But I think this is what makes the image so powerful, her mouth gaping for air, the goose pimples on her skin, the cool tones in her skin. Christina was such a trooper."


-Caroline Mackintosh

Go:  Spend a day cherry picking at Klondyke Farm and wine tasting in Wellington when the fruit farms are in season, November – January.

Stay:  Experience the magic of the Moongazing Cabin at Nine Mount Bain Private Nature Reserve, overlooking the Waaihoek and Witzenberg Mountain Ranges. The name says it all.

Eat:  Enjoy the fruits of your labor – eat those cherries you picked! 

Drink:  Stop at one of the farm stalls on the way home and pick up some Sweet Rooibos Tea.