(The Coast of Namibia)

Steffen List towelling of after exhilarating introspection  with nature.

Steffen List towelling of after exhilarating introspection  with nature.

"It was my birthday. It’s also my birthplace, in between the Atlantic Ocean and the   Desert. This place is at least 55 million years old, probably the oldest in the world. The atmosphere’s energy here literally begged for me to undress. Being naked in a place this ancient is exhilarating. It’s as if existence itself takes pleasure in watching me, everything I feel is beautiful. Everything I feel is translated into the eerie physics of this barren body of sand, salt and sea. I can feel my skin breathe through the mist. There is no shield here, in any form or shape, I can see my naked self just by looking on. I wanted this photographed, so I gave my camera to a good friend, and he eternalized a glimpse of it."

-Steffen List

Go:  There’s an ultra rich and interesting geology/geography to explore. You can go quadbiking and for hot air balloon rides in the desert, but it’s really nature that holds the most fascination.

Stay:  There are many Lodges, B&B’s and camp sites along the coast, but be sure to spend a magical night at Le Mirage Desert Lodge. This medieval fort in the middle of the Namib Desert truly seems like an illusion.

Eat:  Aim to eat aphrodisiacs, things that heighten the senses. Watermelon will be sublime, this is a very salty place.

Drink:  Pure water. Rock Shandy suits the experience too, a local drink made with lemonade and angostura.