Cabo De Palos, Murcia, Spain

"To celebrate Suahuatica's 2000th follower on instagram I managed to convince my girlfriend to go skinny dipping for the first time of her life. Downside : It was winter, and even in Southern Spain that means 13.5 degree celcius waters. Upside : Running around with clothing on a non-nudist beach went unnoticed, since it was empty!. We were lucky to have the water clear as cristal this day, and Maryna held out around 15 minutes. She was shivvering but very proud of her achievement - both the cold water and the skinny dipping!

The area where I shot this photo is Cabo de Palos, in Murcia (Spain). It connects to La Manga beach, a beautiful semi-tropical zone that stretches for many kilometers. In July and August it's packed from edge to edge with locals and (spanish) tourists, but in the other months a wonderful place to go for a swim. Cabo de Palos has a lot to offer, and most of it goes unknown for tourists and even people who live in the region. It's beautiful mid-18th century lighthouse is flanked by many small bays, rocky and beachy at the same time. There you find the real treasures of Southern Spain - tiny pebble beaches are hiding away just out of view, but easy to reach. Crystal clear waters, lots of fish (Cabo de Palos is located on the tip of a natural marine reserve!) and great temperatures from end of April till October. The area can be explored by foot easily, but getting to see all the underwater beauty - from white sandy tropical areas to dark, atlantic looking underwater rock formations and sea grass beds - will take a long time. This can be done snorkling, but also scuba-diving. There are many scuba-schools that are affordable...and best of all, the Cabo de Palos area was nominated as 2014's best diving spot of Europe! And if all this still does not give you enough adventure there is the magnificent Calblanque natural parque 15 minutes away - endless stretches of stunning beaches, rolling mountains and steep sea-side cliffs provide diving, hiking and adventure for everyone (Kayaks and mountainbikes can be rented easily in the area). " - Michael de Kooter

Go : Freediving and snorkeling

Stay : Make sure to check out nearby Cartagena or Murcia for cheap sleeping. From both it's only a 35 minute ride, but a lot cheaper than staying in hotels in Cabo de Palos, unless you're off-season (not June-September basically). Airbnb is as always a great option, and might even land you cheap housing in high-season right next to the beach!

Eat : There are not too many restaurants right near the water by but do try the grilled sardines or pork with Shrimps at La Manga Del Mar Menor in between baths. If you are there on a Sunday there is a large market where you can buy fruit and vegetables as well as clothes, shoes and crafts- just be sure to arrive early as most markets close around 1pm. Other restaurants worth checking out for mediterranean food in the surrounding area are Restaurante Miramar and Restaurante El Mosqui.

Drink : Stop by La Taberna Del Puerto or Yemanja for drinks alongside delicious tapas. Make sure to try the local wine of the region – Campo De Cartagena. Campo De Cartagena is a Spanish geographical indication for Vino De La Tierra wines located in the Southern Mediterranean region of the country.