Mallorca, Spain

"It was a very relaxing day ,when two friends and I started walking through the wood until we go to a small beach in the paradise. We were wrapped by the sea, the sun and the three of us. It was a fresh day, we were under the sun the whole day as we came to the world, naked, what could be better than that? Nature with nature." - Helena Pons Sans

Go : On the island you have a lot of different plans, you can go to the mountain, enjoy an amazing sunset or a sky full of stars, snorkel in the sea and see all the type of fishes, go visit the city..

Stay : The area is full of little hotels and places with charm.

Eat : You can taste and enjoy in every single corner, the typical food of the island. 

Drink : After a dipping in the afternoon, and a dinner, you all can go and take a Pomada, typical cocktail made with our own Mallorca Gin.