Nas Beach, Ikara Island, Greece

"Nas is a small, pretty, and sandy beach. Its name is taken from the river Nas that ends at the beach. My friends, a couple, and I came here on vacation to swim. Last winter, because of bad weather, the river overflowed and dragged some rocks and big trees into the sea. Because of this, the bottom of the sea was very interesting to look at and capture in photos. We knew that this was a nudist beach, but funnily enough we were the only ones there naked! Some of the people started to look at us like we were the strange ones. So we ran to the sea, feeling free and protected inside the warm and inviting water. " - Peggy Zouti

Go : The island of Ikaria is well known for the traditional local festivals (called Panigiri), which are organized every two or three days during the summer period, from May to October. The summer in particular attracts a lot of back packers and campers that are there to attend the festivals.

Stay : If you are a free camper, you can stay along the river Nas or if you prefer more confortable accommodation you can stay in one of the local beach hotels nearby such as the Villa Armenisti on Nas Beach Road, The Erofili Beach Hotel, The Cavos Bay Hotel, or The Ikaros Star Hotel.

Eat : Visitors can taste traditional Greek products, such as feta, tzatziki, and the local specialties, roasted lamb and fresh fish. 

Drink : It is also worth trying the local red wine, which is produced in several places in Ikaria and has a heavy taste.