Noosa, Queensland, Australia

"It's a hike path which takes around 30 mins and you reach an actual "nude beach" I say just above the nude beach on a rock wall looking into the ocean, where if you keep walking down you reach an endless beach with tones of people sub baking nude!" - Haylee Liggins 

Go : It's amazing relaxing place, along the main strip is filled with shops and restaurants. Everyone is friendly It's a hike up  along a mountain, you walk all the way around till you reach the other side and that's the nude beach, I actually sat on the rock while taking the photo and saw dolphins swimming! 

Stay : For a more posh experience, rent an apartment from On the Beach. There are tons of apartments nearby with beach houses and small various neighborhoods to chose from. If you are traveling with family you may want to try RACV resort or the Noosa Sun Motel which both offer comfortable accommodation and are centrally located to everything.

Eat : And every food shop is to die for! What's best is if you drive 5 minutes towards "Alexandria bay beach" 

Drink : There are plently of lively surf clubs to visit if you are seeking some lively chill lively night life such as the Rolling Rock Night Club. If you are searching for a popular spot to try a great French Martini, try Lauguna Jack’s. Other nighttime spots in the neighborhood worth checking out are House Lodge, Bistro C and Koala Bar.